1812 History and Food


Since Upper Canada had 40,000 settlers which were 3/4 Americans. Most arrived via Vermount up Lake Champlain and across Lake Ontario to settle in the fertile belt in Southern Ontario

We found an interesting cookbook dated 1808 from a Vermount author and we surmise that the cooking would be pretty similar including the wild game recipes ie. squirell and more

Here is the link

War of 1812 Garden Plot

upper Canada

Our 2013 project coordinates with DOORS OPEN and Heritage Oshawa.
The seeds are from a NON GMO Heritage Seed supplier

Row One Turnipst( Rutabaga)
Row Two Potatoes
Row Three Potatoes
Row Four Beets
Row Five Beets
Row Six Carrots
Row Seven Cabbage
Row Eight Cabbage
Row Nine Peas
Row Ten Beans
Row Eleven  Melon Oka
Row Twelve Squash- Hubbard
Row Thirteen Parsnip
Row Fourteen  Cucumber
Row Fifteen Corn
Row Sixteen Corn


Corn Harvest Attacked by Creatures

Corn Harvest Attacked by Creatures

BBC Series of Wartime Kitchen and Garden

Week Three

Week of June 11

The rain has been quite regular in contrast to May which was surprisingly lacking any rain.

Established two water barrels next to the house to capture water and are full with the rainfall recently

The Victory Garden is fully planted and the other six gardeners are mainly completed their plantings

In a few short days evidence of seeds growing include, Corn, Turnips and radishes.

Trimmed back the hay after adapting the Stihl weedtrimmer with plastic cutting blades to cut through the four feet of hay to enable water delivery and expand the plots to the west and north.

ADD Picture

New Garden for 2012- Week One and Two

We have started late in preparing the garden in 2012. We relocated to 200 Winchester at the NW side of Simcoe and Winchester.

Volunteers include

Joan Kerr, Bob Bell, Brendan ____ and Ron Porter

Due to delays on the new site location and a finding local help to cut the hay and plow the location we decided to start a small section first for just the small group of gardeners and our new victory garden.

Week One

Thurs May 31 – Cut tall grass by trimmers for area 50 by 55 by Bob Bell and Glenn McKnight

Week Two 

  • Rotortilling of area on June 6 and June 7th
  • Move bricks and ground cover
  • Turned soil and remove vegetation
  • Pickup compost and two loads of manure
  • Planting of plants
  • See section Plantings to learn more about the types of plants we planted

WW 1 Victory Garden Song

WW1 Victory Garden Song


Interesting on the cover is a Civil War Veteran tending his garden for the WW 1 victory

Bob Hope and Victory Gardens during WW 2

I found this at Duke University Online Advertising resource site

Victory Gardens and Rationing during the Second World War